Teamwork Setup Checklist

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Teamwork Setup Checklist


To complete the full teamwork setup, Bizagi has created this checklist, so you can review all the configuration features and steps needed for you full teamwork setup.



Feature or element to install



Database server configuration

Install a database engine

You can also use the Bizagi Studio SQL 2017 installer.

Set up the collation

Use case-insensitive (CI), not a turkish collation. We recommend SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

enable TCP/IP for the database instance


Define authorized login accounts

Usually the sa user is defined for project creation.

Define authorized login accounts.

Define the security of the SQL logins

Project Server IIS configuraiton

Web management tool

IIS 6 Management compatability

IIS 6 management console


IIS metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatability


IIS Management console


IIS Management scripts and tools


IIS Management service


World wide web services

Application development

.NET Extensibility 3.5


.NET Extensibility 4.6








ISAPI Extensions


ISAPI Filters


Common HTTP features

Default document


Directory browsing


HTTP Errors


Static Content


Performance features

Dynamic content compression


Static content compression



Basic authentication


Request filtering


Windows authentication


IP and domain restrictions

Not available in Windows 10

Project Server Bizagi configuration

Install Bizagi Studio

You need admin rights

Create a Bizagi Studio Project


Project Server Active Directory User's Access

Include process developers user (from Active Directory) in the Bizagi group



Run the Bizagi Studio Portable Edition and connect to the project