Designing Live Processes

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Designing Live Processes


Live Processes enable Citizen developers, that are process owners, to automate and launch simple process applications created with no coding, as described at Live Processes.


This section describes how to get started by designing and publishing a process through the Live Processes feature.


The Live Process design view is displayed by default as soon as a process is created.

When you want to enter the design view of an existing process, click the three-dot-menu of the process and select Edit diagram.






What you need to do

Here is how to create and publish a new process using this feature:


1. Create a process and model its process flow

Define the chain of activities, which is the fundamental structure of the process. Elements (tasks, gateways, etc) are included in accordance with process' requirements. For more information, refer modeling the process flow.



The options "Take Ownership" or "Release" are not available for Live Processes. Consider this when creating a new process of this type.


2. Define Forms

Design the user interface with the information that will be displayed in the activities of the process.

Using the Forms Designer, you can have an intuitive and user-friendly structure to drag and drop the Bizagi Controls into a form and arrange them for best usability. For more information, refer defining Live Processes forms.


3. Configure Email Tasks

Compose the email notification messages and assign their recipients. For more information, refer configuring Email tasks.


4. Process Routing

Define conditional flows to model business behaviors.

Determine the path that must be followed by the process flow when it reaches a Gateway. For more information, refer setting the conditional flows.


5. Performers

Assign users to carry out activities in processes and create alerts for the allocated users.

Each Task created for an end user requires a definition that lets Bizagi allocate the correct users within your organization.

Activities are displayed in each user's Inbox. For more information, refer defining performers.


6. Publish

Make your process available to end users after having ensured the process behaves as expected.