Data centers available

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Data centers available

Bizagi Studio focus on empowering the customer to dedicate all of their efforts to the design and develop of their process applications while Bizagi takes care of the administration and management of the services.

To provide a high level of security, as well as other security controls, Studio Collaboration Services relies on important security-by-design features, and manages and maintains the security of the environment as a whole.


Security by design

The services and resources assigned to a customer of Studio Collaboration Services are located in a geographical location chosen by the customer.

As soon as an user registers to an Enterprise plan and uploads a project to the cloud, the information of each step of the project is stored in one of Bizagi's data centers.

Depending on the subscription the data is stored according to the following distribution:


Enterprise customers

Enterprise customers have a dedicated cloud Services with isolated storage and a personalized URL. Each Studio Collaboration Services Enterprise plan customer uses a different set of assigned services and resources, where customer data is not shared.

Such set of assigned services and resources are located in the geographical location chosen by the customer.‚Äč

Having separate services and resources along with data isolation allows for more predictable performance behavior and a base for strict compliance in terms of data privacy.

Enterprise customers choose where their data is stored between 6 data centers available, located in 3 different regions:


United States, Europe and Asia

Data centers are located as follows:

United States: west US2 (Washington), SouthCentral US (Texas), East US (Virginia).

Europe: North Europe (Ireland), West Europe (Netherlands).

Asia: Southeast Asia (Singapore).




Data Centers locations taken from Microsoft Azure web page


Trial Customers

For Trial Customers Bizagi selects the region where the information is stored, closest to the country registered by the owner of the subscription. For example, for a user in Germany, their data is stored in a data center located within the European community.


Security in maintenance

Bizagi maintains a secure service which includes ensuring the timely application of updates to services so that Bizagi as a whole remains secure from vulnerabilities.