Clone Processes

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Clone Processes


In scenarios where you need to automate two or more similar processes, Bizagi allows you to clone a process to save time with the complete automation of the others. For instance, if your company needs to automate different credit processes (car loan credit, mortgage credit, student credit), you can automate one of the processes and then clone it to have a head start with the automation of the other two. This article explains how to clone a process, as well as the considerations to have before cloning one.



1.Bizagi will duplicate the process components such as Forms, Policies, Expressions, Vocabulary, Templates and elements in every process clone created.

2.Bizagi will only clone the chosen process version; other versions will be ignored.

3.Both Processes will be independent from each other. It means that none of the Processes will be affected by the changes made on the other one.

4.By default the cloned process name will be: "Copy Process Name"


Cloning a process

To clone a process, follow the steps below:


1.From the Expert View select the Processes tab, then right click on the Process version and select clone.




2.A Pop-up window will display the structure of the application containing the processes. Select the exact version of the Process that will be cloned and click Clone Process to start creating the new Process.




3.A warning message will display. Click OK.




4.A Pop-up window will display showing the status of the Process.




You are now allowed to work on the cloned process from the Wizard and Expert View.