Case controls

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Case controls


Case controls are related to Runtime entities which contain read-only information relating Bizagi’s process and cases internal data.

When retrieved from Forms, there are eight controls that can be used within any Activity form.



Case controls apply for Runtime entities only

The attribute related are always Ready only

The Case controls are found at the same level as the Process Entity

The Case controls can only be use within the context of a Process

The attribute Creator user is the creator of the case and it is related to the WFUser table

These controls are not available in Start Forms, Query Forms, Live process not Plans.

Runtime entities that are related to collections are not available in Forms



Related to attribute types

Related attribute to Runtime entities.





A Vacation leave request process starts with the request of an employee to leave for some days and then it requires an approval from the supervisor of the requester. In the supervisor's activity it is necessary to include the information of the Case Creator and the case creation date.

These two attributes can be easily displayed relying on the Case controls included by default.


With an easy drag and drop, we take the Case creation date and drop it in the form.

For the Requester, we drag and drop the Fullname attribute, from the Creator user relationship.

For both attributes, the Display name can be changed to adjust to how controls are presented to the End user.


These attributes are displayed as read only controls.