Case Area

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Case Area

The Case area allows end users to see the distribution of cases in the end user's Inbox sorted by their state: On time, at risk or overdue.

This area is very useful to identify which Processes and Activities require to be prioritized and allows easy access to them.


Case area is divided into two sections: Processes information and State Information.




Processes Information

This section displays the total number of pending cases classified by Process and Plans.




Clicking a particular Process or Plan displays the corresponding cases in the Work Area.

If you click on All Cases all the pending Activities will be displayed.




Set a default Inbox

You can define a default Inbox (normal or smart) so it is fixed on your left-hand sidebar and when a user logs in, or click the Inbox menu, Bizagi displays the default inbox. Each Inbox has the pinning option. The pinned inbox is displayed on the top of the left-hand sidebar.





Default inbox is available only in Work Portal accessed on the desktop. Mobiles do not have this option available.



You can mark a case as a Favorite by clicking the star icon. This will add the case to your favorite list for quick access.

Please note this option is not available for Live Processes.




State Information Section

This section displays the total number of pending cases classified by the current state.




Clicking on a particular state, will display the corresponding cases in the Work Area.




You can filter your Inbox to display cases marked as Favorite by clicking the Star icon, whether they are opened or closed.




If you click on the All Cases option, all the pending Activities will be displayed.




Show events option

The show events option in the project’s configuration in Bizagi Studio enables the decision to display or not, the active events of your user’s Inbox, along with the activity tasks and complex gateways. The two latter ones are always shown in the case area.

For example at the start of the following process a cancel event, a complex gateway and activity tasks are active:




With the show event option disabled the case area would only display the decision activity task chosen and the complex gateway. However, with the option enabled the case area would also display the cancel event active in the process:


Show event disable

Show event enable




To enable or disable this option, from Bizagi Studio, follow the path Configuration/Business/Advanced and check or uncheck the show event option as desired.

You need to perform a deployment to the target environment to have this option taken. By default this configuration is enabled, meaning Events are shown by default.