Business Rules examples

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Business Rules examples

The following examples illustrate the most common examples in Bizagi solutions. Examples are divided in the following categories:



The following categories are folders that can be accessed on the left-hand side content menu. Please open the category node to access articles related to each category.




Cases and activities

These are examples to get information related to cases and activities, for example, get assigned users to elements, or organizational data from a case. Also you can find examples to execute elements of a process via expression, like tasks and events.

Collections and parameters entities

Here you can find examples to learn how to manipulate and iterate collections and other objects in Bizagi, for example, iterate parameter entities.

Date operations and timers

These are expressions to learn how to operate data time variables, and how to set timers.

Documents and files

Examples to show what you can define in a file type attribute through expressions.

Math operations, strings and data validations

How to perform operations with numeric variables, texts, and how to validate data.

Project parameters and organization information

Examples to get information related to the project like sequences, vocabulary and attributes to deploy.

User information and experience

Expression examples to obtain users information like user properties, current assignees, or My Stuff information.

XML helper object

This expressions let you use SOA layer methods, in business rules expressions.