Available SOAP web services

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Available SOAP web services


Bizagi features an API for external applications to access the processes functionality and the business information underlying in your data model, as described at Bizagi API for external applications.

Bizagi API provides a comprehensive set of web methods which are grouped into the following categories, according to the Web service representing a major component in Bizagi's product architecture:





BPMN engine (Workflow)

Methods in this Web service provide access to Bizagi BPMN engine, which is in charge of managing the process Workflows.

WorkflowEngineSOA web methods

Data access engine (Entity Manager)

Methods in this Web service provide access to your processes data model and business information.

EntityManagerSOA web methods

Query engine

Methods in this Web service provide access to data of a set of cases or at specific entities, while best handling bulk/large volumes of information (e.g, with options to fetch by pages)

QuerySOA web methods



Additional web services not explicitly listed above, have methods which are deprecated and should not be used by new projects.

Such web services and methods are mainly shipped in Bizagi for backward compatibility purposes.