Bizagi API

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Bizagi API


Bizagi provides programmatic access to the processes functionality and to the business information underlying in your data model, by featuring a powerful service-oriented API which is ready-for-use in every Bizagi project.

Whenever there is the need to integrate Bizagi, driven by any of your existing systems or applications, for example, fire new process instances, trigger business events in them, cancel them, get reports, or simply update business information, among others.


Bizagi features an API based on RESTful and OData services.



In case you wish to leverage Bizagi's UI engine (embed user interfaces or Bizagi's complete Work Portal into your system), refer to Portals integration.


The Bizagi API provides access to a variety of different resources including:



Active tasks or events (workitems)

Information related to your experience-centric processes (stakeholders)


For more information, refer to OData services.


Alternative SOAP web services

As an alternative for legacy systems, Bizagi also features a SOAP compliant (message-oriented comprehensive set of web services with convenient and easy-to-use methods, while supporting WS-Security and other features and standard.


For more information, refer to SOAP web services.