Security setup recommendations

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Security setup recommendations


When you have an application in a production environment, it is important to consider best practices that provide an adequate level of security.

Such best practices include the configuration recommendations issued by the vendor of the application, but within these you should also adapt best practices that suit your infrastructure setup and that apply to your whole company.


We recommend that you commit to and enforce compliance with the guidelines and procedures as set by the policies and standards related to information security. This way, aspects regarding control, monitoring, auditing and other features, are included within the definition of what constitutes application security.


Bizagi deploys a Work portal for end users to use, as a web application.

Therefore, Bizagi Ltd strongly recommends implementing the necessary measures for application hardening in every project, to mitigate certain risks and vulnerabilities from which web applications are not exempt from.



Follow the detailed recommendations described in the links below. They are presented as basic, intermediate or advanced recommendations.

For most projects, the most common risks are mitigated by carrying out the basic recommendations.


Basic recommendations

Intermediate recommendations

Advanced recommendations