Initial project configuration

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Initial project configuration


Automation Server is the runtime platform where your designed business processes and applications operate and are made available to your corporate end users.

This section describes how to configure Automation Server for a testing or production environment, and how to set up your Bizagi project.


Make sure that you have already installed Automation Server  as described at Installation.


Before you start

Make sure that you have the appropriate licensing to support your production environment operations.


Configuration alternatives

Configuring the Bizagi project in a testing or production environment can be done in different ways:


1. Use on Bizagi's One-click deployment feature.

This alternative automatically deploys the Processes and configuration from the Development environment to set up the Testing or Production environment.

You must have online connectivity between your development environment and your target environment (testing or production).

For more information about this option, refer to One-click Deployment.


2. Manually setting up the Bizagi components.

In this alternative, you set up the environment prior to a deployment of processes (you can leave the environment ready for use, and later deploy processes through the Advanced deployment feature).

For more information about how to do this, refer to manual setup procedure.



You may combine both approaches, using the One-click deployment feature for an initial deployment (without having online connectivity between your development and production environments), and then using Advanced deployment for incremental deployments.