Other assets and prerequisites

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Other assets and prerequisites


Your corporate Bizagi system architecture, may involve the use of other assets, which you need to have set up, as described at System prerequisites.


This section presents clarifications and guidelines about installing other assets that you choose to use in your Bizagi system architecture.    



Consider the following:


1. Load balancer

For the load balancing for Bizagi servers (a Bizagi cluster), using a high availability setup, you may use either a software or hardware load balancer.

Bizagi does not provide the load balancer.

We recommend using of a hardware-appliance load balancer such as f5.


2. File server

Files and documents uploaded through your processes, are not stored in the database.

You may choose to integrate your corporate ECM/DMS system as a documents repository to store files and documents; or you may rely on a file server (i.e., a shared network drive). Bizagi does not provide the file server or ECM/DMS system.

It is important that all nodes of your Bizagi server cluster have access the to file server.

The file server has no specific requirements, beyond having sufficient hard disk capacity to store your documents and files.


3. Reverse proxy server

If you choose to set up secure access to your processes via Internet, we recommend that you use two nodes for a reverse proxy server in a high availability system architecture (configuring a load balance cluster at this layer).

Bizagi does not provide the reverse proxy server.