High availability infrastructure setup

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High availability infrastructure setup


A high availability system infrastructure is designed for mission critical business processes which are expected to be available 24/7/365.

Such system infrastructure for Automation Server would be represented by having at least:

A database cluster (for failover capabilities at the database server).

A Bizagi cluster (to support load balancing and scalability).

A load balancer, in order to provide load balancing for the Bizagi cluster.


System infrastructure

The system infrastructure is represented by the image below:




Optional setup for Internet access (use of a proxy server)

Whenever end users need to work on the processes via internet from any device, and Bizagi is set up on-premises strictly within the intranet, consider using a reverse proxy server.

This optional reverse proxy server, is set in the DMZ and avoids the need to publish the Bizagi server and its IP address.


For a high availability solution, this setup considers a using two nodes in a cluster hosting the reverse proxy (to avoid single points of failure in your system architecture).

The following image illustrates this system infrastructure: