Attachments backups

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Attachments backups


As part of common maintenance and administration tasks, it is of critical importance to always be able to have backups available so you can restore your project to a previous state, should an unexpected event occur.

In addition to backups of the database, and of the files used by Bizagi components, you need to make backups of additional files.

Such files include case attachments uploaded in processes, which are not stored in the database.

For more information, refer to Backing up Bizagi.


ECM or file server

If your project integrates an external ECM as the attachments repository, it is important to include backing up these files within your ECM management and corporate policies.

If you use the default setting of having attachments stored on a file server, you need to make backups by creating a copy of the main folder holding the files (named Docs by default), and moving that copy into an external drive or the cloud.


We recommend that you make backups of uploads as often as you back up your database.

You can configure or edit the location of attachments when using a file server:





The %BA_UPLOAD_PATH% default value, refers to the local Bizagi server at  


However, we recommend that you define a different location for this purpose, that is not on the Bizagi server (such as a shared file server), especially to support a Bizagi cluster.


Though this setting can be changed at any time to point to a different location, recall that you need to move the complete folder structure to the new location when using a file server upon a change of location.