Managing external systems

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Managing external systems


Bizagi lets you use the Management Console to manage the information of external systems and applications integrated in the processes.

Manage this information (Interfaces and ECM parameters, connected databases through Replication and Virtualization, etc) separately for each of the project's different environments.

The options presented next, are available through the Management Console.

For general information about this tool, refer to Management Console.


Administration of external systems

Opening the Management Console and, locate the External Systems module which presents your configured integrated systems:





For further information on how to manage the values, refer to the sections below:

Connectors administration: To edit connection parameters (typically authentication credentials) involved in the use of a Bizagi connector.

SAP administration: To edit connection parameters to your SAP system integrated through the use of Bizagi SAP Connector.

Excel administrator: To edit connection parameters to your Excel connector.

Web services administration: To edit values set in external services invoked from Bizagi processes.

Data sources administration: To follow up or edit values set for connected databases (Replicated or Virtualized entities).