One-click deployment considerations

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One-click deployment considerations

Specific technical requirements of One-Click Deployment

The following are technical requirements for using the One-Click Deployment feature in Bizagi Studio, given that this Deployment is carried out in an online manner and with the assistance of Bizagi.


1 Automation Server must be installed in the target environments

To perform a deployment to a test or production environment, Automation Server must be installed in that target server.

The installed Automation Server version must match the version installed in the Development environment.


2 Development server must have network access to the target server

Since One-Click Deployment is done online, the Development Server must be able to access the Test or Production environment servers (both the server having Bizagi and the database server).

Verify that there are no firewall configuration blocking the ports involved in Bizagi's deployment.


For the connection from the Development server to the Test or Production Bizagi server:

TCP port number 5679.

UDP 50051, 50052, 50053.

The TCP port defined to be used in the response communication (from the test or production Bizagi server back to the Development server).

This port is specified within the BizagiStudio.exe.config file located in the Bizagi Studio installation folder of your Development environment (which is by default located at: C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Studio\BizagiStudio).

The TCP response port is by default 0, which means that it will be a random port.


You can edit this port's value by setting a port number allowed in your infrastructure configuration, in the defined value of the channel element of this configuration file.




For connection to the Test or Production database derver, make sure that the port defined for the database service connection is allowed from the test or production Bizagi server.

The default port for SQL Server instances is 1433, while the default port for Oracle is 1521.


3 Authorized credentials for the target server

When deploying processes to either Test or Production, Bizagi will create a new project in the target server.

The Windows user performing the deployment needs to be authorized to access the virtual machine..


This means having an account which belongs to the Administrators and Bizagi group at that server, or using the credentials of an account that meets these conditions.