Deployment logs

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Deployment logs


When deploying, either generating (exporting) or applying (importing) a package, Bizagi generates deployment logs, where you can review the execution of the deployment, possible errors, and all the steps executed in a deployment. This section explains the type of logs and their location.


Types of logs

Deployment logs are registered when you execute any of the following:


Deployment action

Log file

Exporting a package from Bizagi Studio.

logExport [Time Stamp].txt

Exporting a package for microdeployment from Bizagi Studio.

logExport  [Time Stamp].txt

Exporting a process to another Bizagi Studio project.

logExportShareProcess   [Time Stamp].txt

Importing a process from another Bizagi Studio Project

logExportShareProcess  [Time Stamp].txt

Exporting a project

BaTrace_ExportComplete [Time Stamp].txt


The time stamp is in the following format: YYYYMMDD hh_mm_ss


When you execute any of the previous, Bizagi stores a text file in the following path:




The logs are printed in the same language as Bizagi Studio.



Deployment logs are available for advanced deployment. One-click deployment does not leave any log.


The messages printed in the logs are classified into three types:





The type of message is displayed before the message: