Advanced Deployment

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Advanced Deployment


Bizagi presents an Advanced Deployment as an alternative to the One-click Deployment in Bizagi Studio, to perform Deployments of Processes in specific scenarios having sophisticated requirements.

For more information about the One-click Deployment which assists this process (automatically deploying process packages in an online manner), refer to Deploying your processes.


How does the Advanced Deployment work?

In the Advanced deployment, you can manually select all the processes and elements that you want to deploy to your target environment. Bizagi generates the metadata involved in those elements and this information is exported into a Deployment package file (in Bizagi, this file will be using the .bex extension).  


The .bex file is taken to the target environment. Bizagi analyzes the metadata of the deployment package before applying it, to make sure that all the elements have no conflicts with the environment.




In order to export data from one environment to another, Bizagi features the Export and Import data procedures that can be launched from the management console. For furhter information regarding the deployment of data refer to Data Synchronization.


When to use the Advanced Deployment?

Deployments of Processes is done once the automation stage is completed and when you wish to publish your processes into a Test or Production environment. The Advanced Deployment will offer further possibilities for the following specific scenarios:


Projects in Automation service

If you have an Automation service subscription (cloud) you need to deploy your package using the Management Console Web, there for need to use the advanced deployment capabilities.


Projects requiring an Offline Deployment.

Offline Deployment is needed when there is no network connectivity between the development environment (where the Studio is) and the final production environment (i.e, located in the cloud, a data center on a different network, etc).


Projects having automation of processes in a parallel development.

Applies for large scale projects in which a large number of users are working in a collaborative environment, and some processes are ready to go live, but others are still being automated. In that case, you may choose to publish processes while others are being worked on.


Projects with more than the three default environments.

Some mission-critical processes or some corporate policies may demand the use of additional environments to those three default ones presented in the One-click Deployment in Bizagi. The One-click Deployment will consider its main Development environment, alongside a Test and Production environment. When using additional environments such as a Staging or Production replica environment, you will need to use the Advanced Deployment.


Deployment Steps

Before deploying for the first time, make sure that you have set up your project. See Initial Project configuration. Then you deploy as follows:


1. Generate the deployment package: Select the processes or elements to deploy, and generate the package.

2. Apply the deployment package: Apply the package in your target environment.