Automation Anywhere: GetCasesByProcess

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Automation Anywhere: GetCasesByProcess


This operation returns a JSON containing all the information of the cases of a specific process that the authenticated user can access.



token: Token used to authenticate the user.

process-id: GUID of the process. It must be the GUID this operation will not work with the ID.

base-address: URL of your Work Portal.



cases: A JSON containing the cases information.




Important considerations

1.Generally before using this operation you must get the authorization token using the Authenticate operation.

2.The ID of the process needed for this method is the GUID no the process ID. This can be obtained from the GetProcess operation.

3.Several important properties can be retrieved from this operation

oThe case ID is identified by the key "id".

oThe attributes related to the process are identified in the "parameters" array showing their xpath and  value.


Here you can see an example of  how the JSON looks like

         "": "http://wp-danielpd/AutomationAnywhereV2/odata/data/processes(1ad0908c-c0a8-463a-b6d4-0181d652147c)/cases(1)",
         "@processEntityKey": "140b84be-a451-4e66-87b9-36992bf3aee4",
         "id": 1,
         "caseNumber": "1",
         "creationDate": "2019-05-29T10:21:48-05:00",
         "estimatedSolutionDate": "2019-05-29T10:21:48-05:00",
         "solutionDate": "",
         "processName": "CV Reader",
         "closed": false,
         "parameters": [
                     "xpath": "Profession",
                     "value": "Molding, coremaking, and casting machine operator"
                     "xpath": "CaseID",
                     "value": "1"
                     "xpath": "Yearsofexperience",
                     "value": "15"
             "xpath": "Fullname",
             "value": "Douglas M. Williams"