Automation Anywhere: AddStartParameter

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Automation Anywhere: AddStartParameter


This operation lets you add an attribute to the start parameters JSON. If no start parameters JSON is provided a new one is created otherwise the provided JSON is updated with this new attribute.



xpath: XPath of the attribute in Bizagi.

value: Value to save in your Bizagi attribute.

type: Expected type of the attribute in Bizagi. By default this is other, only change it if you want to add a complex elements (such as parametric entities, collections and relationships) and not simple data types (such as String, boolean or int).

startParameters: Start parameters JSON. You can provide a null variable and this operation will build a new one.



startParameters: New or updated start parameter JSON.




Important considerations

1.To generate a JSON you must use an empty variable or this string {"startParameters": []}.

2.If you set the type to collection the operation will ignore the value input. To set the values of your collection use the operations AppendRowToCollectionParameter and AddColumnToLastRowParameter.

3.Don't use this operation to upload a file use AppendFileToParameter instead.