Bizagi Studio architecture

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Bizagi Studio architecture


The life cycle of a business process includes three phases: Model, Build, and Run. See Bizagi Cloud Platform.


Bizagi delivers experiences that are:



Deep collaborative features to foster innovation and experimentation between business and IT teams, boosting operational productivity and speed, while still maintaining IT control.

BPMN Modeling, Simulation & Analytics

Model-driven process automation

Build Once – Run Anywhere

Structured and ad-hoc process support

Empower workers to manage the unexpected



Empower knowledge workers with personalized, contextualized experiences - helping employees engage better with each other and their customer.

Data-driven work portal

Experience Designer

Contextualization and personalization

Case collaboration



A super-fast process layer that wraps around legacy IT systems and applications, for optimization of customer-centric operating models.

Integration Connectors

Data Virtualization & Replication

Native mobile apps for all devices

Embed Bizagi in 3rd party portals

Call Bizagi APIs



Bizagi 11 is enriched by our unique community of over 500,000 digital process experts across the globe, creating and sharing applications, processes and integration adapters.

Widget Xchange

Process Xchange

Connector Xchange




Bizagi adapts to your company set up and infrastructure

The following image illustrates how Bizagi provides process-oriented features and further integration possibilities with any systems in your company (the Enterprise Services Bus, SMTP server, LDAP server, ECM/DMS, etc).


Processes Workflows are executed in Bizagi Automation, while integrating any existing corporate systems or applications.




For further information regarding the system infrastructure employed when using Bizagi, refer to System infrastructure.

For further information regarding the internal product architecture, where its features and components are briefly described, refer to:

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