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Whenever a new update (patch version) or upgrade (new product version) of Automation Server is available, the customer must use and test the version in their development environment.

When ready, the customers request to upgrade their environments coordinating with our Support team the process.

This topic describes the upgrades procedure in the Automation Server of cloud environments; and therefore, it applies to testing and Production environments.


Requesting a version upgrade

Customers that have received a new version for upgrade or update, must TEST such version in their development environment.

After verifying that the version complies with the requirements customers must request via a ticket the version upgrade in their Test environment, before doing so in a Production environment.

For this, consider the following:

Whenever the Testing environment has been upgraded, carry out a thorough test of the entire solution to check that process applications behave as expected.

Only when results of such tests are satisfactory, proceed to request the upgrade for the Production environment.

It is recommended to maintain  the version of the Testing environment  equal to, or higher than that one used by the Production environment.


Upgrades procedure

All upgrades and downgrades are managed by Bizagi exclusively.

Upgrades and downgrades may cause a small amount of downtime in the target environment.

We strongly recommend scheduling these procedures during non-working hours, and planning and communicating effectively.


The following outline describes how upgrades are carried out:

The customer receives a new version and tests it in their development environement.

When satisfied the customer requests an upgrade of the Testing environment. The customer runs tests in the Testing environment,

When satisfied the customer requests an upgrade of the Production environment.

Bizagi executes the upgrade, for which we request the following information:

oThe best date and time to perform the upgrade.

oThe person or persons who should be informed about upgrade completion, or any issues that may arise.

Once the upgrade is completed, Bizagi sends an email to all contact persons informing them of the update.


Downgrade request

As a general guideline in Bizagi, versions are compatible.

This means that an upgrade will not imply changes from your side.

Customers can downgrade the version of a cloud environment, to satisfy business needs or if process applications are not behaving as expected after an upgrade.


Whenever upgrade tests are not satisfactory, or new versions applied do not meet the customer’s requirements, a downgrade is possible via ticket in our support platform.

Downgrades will maintain any data entered during the tests conducted while it was running on the higher version.



As described above, the following summarizes important considerations regarding upgrades:

The customer is autonomous and responsible for requesting any desired upgrades for each cloud environment.

Upgrades are requested by the customer and managed by Bizagi.

Upgrades for the on-premise Development environment are under the customer’s complete responsibility.

We strongly recommend to keep the Development environment up-to-date with the latest version (found at http://www.bizagi.com/en/products/bpm-suite/studio), while considering that cloud environments would need to comply to such version.

You must have already a deployed process application in a cloud environment to perform an update.