How to map custom user properties

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How to map custom user properties


You can also map the custom user properties configured in Bizagi.


Configuration Steps

1. Customize the mapping options in Azure AD

To do that select the Show advanced options checkbox and click Edit attribute list for Bizagi.




each custom property must be preceded by the following prefix:




For example, if a user property is called IdentificationNumber the attribute must be added as follows:






For further information about mapping customizations click here. When you finish registering all the Customized User Properties that you want to synchronize, click Save



In custom user property mapping, only basic type properties can be mapped, for example, strings, int, boolean, or date The properties linked to parametric tables or to Multiple types are not supported.


2. Add the mapping

In the attribute mappings section click Add New Mapping.




in the Source Attribute select the Azure AD attribute. In the Target Attribute select the attribute created in the previous step.




It must be displayed in the list of all attributes.