Subscribe, unsubscribe and manage preferences for newsletters

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Subscribe, unsubscribe and manage preferences for newsletters

For Enterprise accounts

As set forth in the initial contract, Bizagi does not have access to customer data for Enterprise subscriptions, and therefore users' email addresses are not use for commercial purposes.


For Bizagi accounts

Access the Bizagi website with your account, and directly into to manage your account's preferences regarding email newsletters.



In there, you may use three options:

1.To subscribe, you may go to

2.To customize and manage the different contents of email newsletters, you may go to

In there, notice you may define the frequency of email newsletters (e.g., weekly, monthly or quarterly), along with the topics of interest and the type of content:




Once you tick relevant checkboxes, make sure you click Submit.


3.To unsubscribe completely from all content, you may go to

When unsubscribing completely from all content: make sure you confirm your email address, tick the checkbox, make sure you choose an unsubscribing reason, and click Submit.