Signing in the Bizagi Cloud Portals and Applications

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Signing in the Bizagi Cloud Portals and Applications



To get started using the Customer Portal or any cloud-based service such as Modeler or Studio Collaboration services, either while using the website or a desktop application, users must authenticate through Bizagi’s Private Identity Provider. The following section describes how to sign in, including when integrate third-party identity providers.


Signing In to the Customer Portal

To sign in to the Customer Portal, follow these steps:


1.Go to https://customer-portal-[companyName]

2.Enter your credentials.

You will be automatically redirected to the log-in page allowing you to authenticate against the identity service chosen:

Available options are:

The default Bizagi Accounts identity and access manager (by default).

An Azure AD/ Azure AD B2C login page.

An ADFS login page.

An Okta login page.



If you have multiple authenticators, first, users must type the email, and depending on the email's domain, Bizagi redirects to the authenticator. Refer to Users' log in with multiple authenticators.





To authenticate using Azure AD, ADFS or Okta make sure your Customer Portal is configured to support integrated authentication by an admin user of your plan.

For more information about the required configuration, refer to How to manage Identity Providers.


For example, for an Azure AD or ADFS, you will see Microsoft's login screen:




Provide your credentials and authenticate as you normally do within your corporate authentication system.




1. Bizagi establishes a secure connection with your corporate authentication system by relying on the WS-Federation, Open ID or SAML 2.0 protocol depending which identity provider you choose.

2. You authenticate directly through your corporate authentication system, so your password is not transferred, handled, or stored by Bizagi.

3. Once you have signed, you can rely on Single Sign-On capabilities.

4. There are not Single Log-out capabilities SLO.


Once signed in, your name appears in the lower-left corner.




At this point you are connected to the Customer Portal.


Signing in to other cloud services portals and applications

The same Identity Provider configured for the Customer Portal applies to all the cloud platform services, including when you access them from a desktop application. For example, if you log in Studio Collaboration Services from Bizagi Studio you follow these steps:


1.Open the desktop application: Modeler or Bizagi Studio.

2.Enter your credentials in the pop-up window.




The pop up window automatically displays the page where you can authenticate using the same provider you set for the Customer Portal:


1.The default Bizagi Accounts identity and access manager.

2.An Azure AD service.

3.An on-premises ADFS.

4.An Okta service.


Forgot your password?

When a user forgets their password, Bizagi offers an option to recover it.



This option is available for the Bizagi default identity provider. If you use other IdP like Azure AD, Okta or ADFS, the forgot password option depends on the provider itself.


To recover your password, follow these steps:


1.Click Forgot your password?






2.Enter your account email and click Reset password.




Bizagi sends an email to verify your account.





If you do not receive your email, check your spam folder.


3.Go to the email received and click the reset password button. This is how Bizagi verifies your account.




4.Once your email is verified, set your new password.





If you did not receive the verification email, contact support at Support will send you an email with a provisional password. Once you enter your email and the provisional password, you will be immediately redirected to set a new password.