Event log

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Event log

Bizagi, just as any other application, generates errors or warnings that you can access through the Event log. These messages are generated in multiple situations: for example, when case execution comes to a point where an activity action involving an incorrect Xpath is executed; or when the system flushes temporary files.


The Event log option lets you consult event files generated during the execution of a project deployed on Automation Service.




In this image, four features are highlighted:


1. Filters: Using the Date from and Date to inputs, as well as the Levels list, you can limit the list of the messages displayed to more easily find the file you want.

2. Event logs: Each row of the table is a different event. Click Web_MC_063 to expand the event so you can review the whole event message.

3. Select logs: Select a set of messages to delete them. When you select at least one message, the delete option is enabled.




4. Export csv: When you click this option, the system prompts you to provide a file name and location on your machine to save the event logs. This action generates a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file containing all event logs and their associated details for you to review or store.