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This module presents options to manage the Scheduler and its jobs.

The Scheduler is a service created in each Bizagi project, to carry out jobs such as: sending alarms, triggering timers (activating timed delays), executing replication, and running custom jobs and Asynchronous Activities.


The following options are available in this feature:

User jobs administration: Sets of steps that can be run according to a schedule: run once by specifying a specific date, or run periodically during a given period of time. The status of these jobs can be consulted in this category.

Wait jobs: Scheduled jobs that are related to Process Activities. In this category we find such jobs as timers and Asynchronous Activities, and can consult their status.

Alert jobs: Alerts are messages sent to different target groups when an activity is about to expire, expires or has already expired. In this scheduler category, the jobs related to configured alerts are stored.


Any of the available options can be refreshed using the option located at the top right corner.