Alert jobs

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Alert jobs

Alerts are messages sent to different target groups when an activity is about to expire, expires or has already expired. This scheduler category stores the jobs related to configured alerts.


The Alerts module shows an option and table with the following columns.






Show & hide items

Adds or removes columns of the table.


Name of the activity where the alert was set.


Name of the alert. This name is also a link to further information about the selected alert.

The information of the alert has the same options as the User jobs.

Use this link if you want to force alert execution.

Case number

Number of the case where the alert was launched.


Description of the alert.

Case ID

Identifier of the case where the alert was created.


Defines whether the alert is enabled.

Creation date

Date when the alert was launched.

Next run time

If the alert has not been launched, shows the next time when the alert is going to be launched.

If the alert was unsuccessfully executed, shows the time when the alerts was launched.

Last Result

Shows the result of the execution of the alert.

If the alert has not yet been launched, the result is empty

If the alert was launched successfully, shows a check mark.

If the alert was launched unsuccessfully, shows a red warning and a link to the message thrown when the launch failed.