Maintenance window

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Maintenance window

The Maintenance window lets you to perform a soft reset of the environment, which implies stopping the Scheduler and clean Cache without restarting the server.




The Maintenance window has two main tabs:


Display message





This is the tab where you can start a Maintenance window. Click Start Maintenance in the State of your environment group.




To close the Maintenance window and return to the active state, click Restart environment.





When you upload a .bex file during the deployment procedure, the Maintenance window starts automatically and finishes one minute before the upload process finishes. It is not possible to stop the Maintenance window manually during the deployment.


Display message

In this tab, you can configure a message to display before and during the Maintenance window.




Setting a message before starting the maintenance window

In the Set a message for your users In Workportal group, you can configure the message to be displayed before a maintenance window starts. The message configured is only informative, when the end time is reached, the Maintenance window will not be started automatically.


Type the start and end date between which the message will be displayed. and also, the Message displayed during this interval.




Click Apply changes when finished.


The message will be displayed during the time configured in the Work Portal.




If the users click the X button, the message will not display any more for that user.


Setting a message during the maintenance procedure

In the Set a message for the users on maintenance window group, you can set a customized message to appear to users when they open the Work Portal during the maintenance period.


Type the title and the message that should appear in the Work Portal during this maintenance period.




When users open the Work Portal during the maintenance period, your message appears.




If the Maintenance window is started while a user is working in an activity, a warning message appears informing that the information entered will be lost.




Automatic Maintenance Window

Any deployment does not need any maintenance window or any reset in the environment. The maintenance window is automatically activated in the first deployment or if the content of the .bex file contains environment configurations.