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Connectors in Bizagi are portable modules that allow you to extend functionality by integrating with other systems or applications.

Management Console Web lets you to manage the connectors installed in your project, for a given environment. You can manage the values used in their connection.


Managing connectors

You can change values for authentication parameters. To do so, select the required connector in the Connector list.




Connector parameters

The default and global parameters used by each connector for a successful interaction.




Authentication parameters

The parameters used by each connector depend on what that connector does and uses (especially if it is of the Custom type). You need to know the credentials involved in its use before committing any changes.

Also, in this section you can add a self-signed certificate for your connector. This must be done when the external system requests for a certificate prior to executing an action.




Configuring a Self-Signed Certificate for the connector

To add a self-signed certificate in your connector, complete the following steps:


1.Select the connector where you want to configure the certificate. In the Authentication Parameters tab, mark the Enable SSL Certificate check box.




2.Click Upload Certificate and in the File Explorer, select the certificate you want to upload.





When selecting a certificate, take into account:

The certificate that you upload must be in PEM format.

Supported TLS versions are 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Apply. Once the certificate is uploaded, a message will be displayed in the screen.





You can upload a new self-signed certificate anytime. When you upload a new certificate, the prior one will be overwritten.


Changing SAP connection parameters

From the MCW, you can view your configured SAP connector and modify it to connect to another instance. To do so, complete the following steps:


1.go to the Connectors list and look for SAP.




2.Change the connection details to connect to the new instance and click Test connection.




3.If the connection is successfully completed, click Apply.




4.If the connection was not established, review the inputted information and try again. Once your connection is successful, click Apply.