Update your personal data

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Update your personal data

For Enterprise accounts

To update the data registered in your Enterprise subscription account, contact a Company Administrator. He or she must go to the company Customer Portal and enter the Company users section:






There the data can be updated and then saved.





A user's Email can not be changed because it is the identifier among users. if it needs to be changed an alternative is to create another user with the new email and grant all the authorizations needed to the new user (e.g. a model/subscription ownership), then delete the previous user with the wrong email.


For Bizagi accounts

Access the Bizagi website with your account, and directly into https://account.bizagi.com/#/Web/editProfile to manage your account.




Once in there, click on Profile Information to view and edit your account's information.



In there, you may update personal data such as: First name, Last name, Location (Country, State, City), and Phone number.

You may also choose to update additional information (personal data regarding your company), such as: your company's name, your company's industry, your company's approximate number of employees, your job role and job title.

You may not update/modify your email given that it is set as the account's unique identifier.


Click the Save changes button when done.