Obtain a copy of all personal data

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Obtain a copy of all personal data

For Enterprise accounts

For Enterprise accounts

To get a copy of the personal data saved in your Enterprise subscription account we recommend you send an email to one of the Company Administrators of the subscription with the request. Then he or she must send a formal request directly to privacy@bizagi.com authorizing Bizagi to obtain the requested information from the subscription's environment with the user's original request attached to fulfill the GDPR requirements.


In case that the user sends the email directly to privacy@bizagi.com Bizagi will contact a Company Administrator to get the appropriate authorization.


The copy of the personal data will be delivered to the email of the requesting user.


For Bizagi accounts

Access the Bizagi website with your account, and directly into https://account.bizagi.com/#/Web/editProfile to manage your account.




Once in there, click on Profile Information and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.




In there, click the Download my personal information link to obtain a copy of all personal data as managed by Bizagi website.

Clicking the link will start downloading a JSON-structured file (profileData.json):




The profileData.json is a machine-readable format, and furthermore you may browse its information by using any text editor of your choice: