Delete your account and opt out of Bizagi Website.

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Delete your account and opt out of Bizagi Website.

For Enterprise accounts

To delete an account in an Enterprise subscription is necessary that a Company Administrator create a support ticket with the removal request.


For Bizagi accounts

Before you continue, it is very important that you acknowledge the following:

Deleting your account erases your personal data (it enforces your right to be forgotten), along with any history associated to that account.

Deleting your account will revoke all granted access to services using a Bizagi website account, such as those mentioned at the Abstract section (,,,,

This means that after deleting your account, you will no longer be able to access the above URLs and services.

Deleting your account is a procedure which cannot be reversed.

If you are not completely certain about this, do not proceed.


Once you are completely sure that you want to delete your account, send an email directly to confirming that you want to perform such action.

Within the email sent directly, please state if you wish to continue receiving promotional emails regarding invitations to webinars, events or downloadable content in general.

You will be prompted for confirmation for this action, plus due verification of your identity.