Deactivate your account

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Deactivate your account

For Enterprise accounts

To deactivate your account in an Enterprise subscription, contact a Company administrator. He or she must go to the company Customer Portal and enter the Company users section:






Then simply select the deactivate option, with this your account will be deactivated.


For Bizagi accounts

Access the Bizagi website with your account, and directly into to manage your account.




Once in there, click on Profile Information and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.




Click on the Deactivate Account link once that you are entirely sure that you want to stop being taken into account as an active user of the Bizagi Website and deactivate your account.


Upon clicking the link, you will receive a confirmation notification to your email, as a security check:




Copy the verification code included in the email, and paste it into the verification screen to deactivate your account:




Notice you are encouraged to type in the reason why you want this done.

Recall that this option deactivates your account, though your personal data is not deleted at this point.


Click Deactivate Account when sure about this.