What is the purpose of collecting such personal data?

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What is the purpose of collecting such personal data?


Consider the following GDPR tips, regarding the purpose of personal data being collected:

GDPR Article 12 enforces "Transparent information, communication and modalities for the exercise of the rights of the data subject".


Depending on the objective of your designed processes, you must be able to precisely support the purpose of collecting personal data of end users and other subjects involved in those processes. For example, consider if  these are involved:

Marketing purposes.

Financial purposes.

Analytics purposes.


To inform and clarify about personal data being collected and how it is managed, along with its purpose, you may use features in Bizagi such as:

Placing a hyperlink to your internal privacy policy within the initial form of your processes,

Creating email notifications whenever a request is submitted with additional detail.

Alternatively, you may choose to create a contractual agreement between the parts, without having to rely on Bizagi features.



The purpose of collecting personal data completely depends on your processes, business and policies.

You may choose to use any mechanism of your choice to inform about such purpose while making sure you consider all sides to it.