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Automation Service has been designed with security as its top priority.

Security is one of the three main pillars offered by Automation Service, as described at Automation Service overview. By using technologies that enable an isolated environment for each customer, Automation Service delivers a virtual, private cloud where customer data is not shared.  




Security controls

Automation Service has security controls and features which assure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data, such as:

An isolated network architecture that limits and filters access.

Maintenance of a secure service and environment, including the application of patches, fixes, and updates across the underlying platform and diverse services that Automation Service supports.

Data encryption.

Compliance with local regulations, EU model clauses, and security standards, by allowing customers to define the geographical zone where their data is stored.

Identity and access management, supporting best practices for secure environments and integration to your Identity provider systems.

Policies, standards, and procedures that enforce data privacy, such as the deletion of data upon contract termination and a comprehensive set of measures that prevent unauthorized access to data.

Physical and environmental technologies that protect data.

Constant monitoring of the service as a whole and staff who receive alerts about anomalies.


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.



Additional information

For in-depth details, please refer to Security and compliance.