Monitoring and operations

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Monitoring and operations


Automation Service is powered by Microsoft Azure and managed by Bizagi. It introduces a cloud-centric architecture which leverages the best services and techniques to offer a secure, reliable and high performing Automation Service environment.


Managed by Bizagi and deploying other security controls mentioned in Automation Service Security, a designated department runs Cloud operations to assure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.


Security in service operations

People and processes operating Automation Service undergo strict security controls.

Access control is aligned with market best practices. This helps to maintain security, continuity, and privacy.


Bizagi's security policies and procedures are based on the ISO 27001 standard, and consider applicable addenda to address cloud privacy.


For data privacy enforcement, upon termination of a subscription, the client's data is erased and rendered unrecoverable (though customers can request retrieval of their data with prior notice).


Monitoring and logging

Monitoring and logging for Automation Service services, applications, systems, data repositories, middleware and applicable infrastructure in general, is in place.

Logs are analyzed for anomalous behavior and monitoring of the service is conducted so that staff are alerted about any anomalies.