SAP Integration

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SAP Integration


To achieve intelligent process automation Bizagi offers a variety of integrations. SAP as one of the most powerful and used ERPs is used in organizations with large inventories or resource management strategies. SAP has an extensive portfolio of solutions and applications, therefore, it is important to understand the scope of Bizagi's integration with it.


Bizagi SAP connector types

SAP ERP has evolved rapidly, and it offers different versions. Since the release of HANA database technology, all systems are now using this capability to enhanced performance and features. With new versions, integration capabilities also have been improved so they are more flexible and compatible with other systems. Bizagi has been growing with that evolution, therefore you can use two types of SAP connectors.


SAP Connector: This is used for legacy systems like R/3 or ECC versions, that expose the BAPI functions (business application functions) using the Remote Function Call technology (RFC).

SAP Cloud Connector: SAP provides a platform that works as an intermediary system to control integration with ERP systems from different versions. To have a standardized communication protocol, this connector accesses the SAP system through an HTTPS or HTTP connection using the OData protocol. It is important that customers have exposed the ODdata gateway, regardless of the SAP version (R/3, ECC, or S/4 HANA for both on-premises and cloud versions.)


For each type of system, Bizagi offers an out-of-the-box connector.




Next Steps

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