Available data centers

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Available data centers


Automation Service focuses on empowering the customer to dedicate all of their efforts to the development of their applications, while Bizagi takes care of the administration and management of the infrastructure and services.

To provide a high level of security, as well as other security controls mentioned in Automation Service Security, Automation Service relies on important security-by-design features, and manages and maintains the security of the Automation Service environment as a whole.


Geographical locations

Customer's Automation Service assigned services and resources are located in a geographical location chosen by the customer, and three replicas are maintained as backups in the same region.

There are six possible data centers available for customer data to support compliance with local regulations, EU model clauses and security standards. These data centers are located in three geographies:


United States, Europe and Asia

Data centers are located as follows:

United States: west US2 (Washington), SouthCentral US (Texas), East US (Virginia).

Europe: North Europe (Ireland), West Europe (Netherlands).

Asia: Southeast Asia (Singapore).



Data Centers locations taken from Microsoft Azure web page