Troubleshooting user authentication

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Troubleshooting user authentication


Strengthen access to the Work Portal is an important security measure for your environments. When authenticating users you might be dealing with different situations where users cannot access the portal, for example, credentials not set correctly, that the account is locked, or advanced technical issues when you are using external identity providers, like Azure AD. This article describes the features that Bizagi offers when you need to troubleshoot user authentication.


When users are logging in they can have two issues:


Related to the account

Related to the Identity Provider


Independent from the authentication type that you have chosen, Bizagi offers a property that displays authentication error messages. To access that property you can use Bizagi Studio or the Management Console. Which means that you can change this property anytime in each environment.




By default this property is set off, therefore, Bizagi shows the following message when a user cannot access the Work Portal:


"Can't authenticate the user"


Bizagi shows the same message independent the cause of the problem:


Wrong credentials

Accounts is locked

Other issues with the identity provider


The reason of this general message is to hide the potential problem to hackers, and avoid give them clues to access the system.




When you turn this property on, Bizagi displays the reasons why a user canny be authenticated, for example, that the account is locked:





You can also activate authentication traces in the Management Console Web. To do that select the Configuration tab of the Tracing module. Then activate the Authentication node: