Additional Services

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Additional Services


Cloud applications provided by Bizagi help you go beyond process execution, and work with your data by exploring fields such as artificial intelligence (predictive analysis) or by integrating reporting tools of your choice.


The following image shows how additional cloud applications can work with Automation Service projects.

A Bizagi project has at least three different environments (development, testing and production) and it can also hold any number of business processes.




How to request Additional services

Both Business Insights and Artificial Intelligence are Web applications Bizagi offers as an additional service and are completely independent from the Bizagi projects. They are available for both On-Premises and cloud customers.


If you have our On-Premises offer and you require a secure channel for your data, you need to acquire a VPN, which is offered separately. Our cloud offer does not required VPN due to the nature of our architecture.



Artificial Intelligence relies on Bizagi Business Insights as its data provider. Artificial intelligence is therefore not offered unless you also purchase Bizagi Business Insights.