Bizagi Automation in High Demand

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Bizagi Automation in High Demand


Because Bizagi is built using  true-cloud infrastructure using the web apps, the infrastructure is configured to handle high demand scenarios This section explains how this can be achieved.


High Demand Scenarios

The Automation Service infrastructure is built on web apps technology. This technology uses cloud resources efficiently, which can be easily scaled up or out on high-demand scenarios.


To do so, Bizagi provisions each environment's web apps within an App Service Plan. This App Service Plan is configured by assigning a significant amount of computation resources (CPU and RAM). The amount is calculated by our Bizagi experts and depends on your BPU level. You do not have to worry about technical calculations.


Bizagi monitors 24/7 your computation resources consumption. In the case that any of the web apps reach a predefined limit of resources (CPU and RAM), Bizagi can Scale-up the resources. Additionally, the cloud platform supports scaling-out the web apps associated with your environment.





Under the same app service plan the following web apps can be scaled-out:


Work Portal


Management Console Web


Each environment, for example, your test, staging or production environment, has an independent App Service Plan, so web apps are scaled independently in each environment.  Web apps are scaled within the same resource group and region than the initial web apps, and geo-scalation is not available. By default the app service plan is not scaled-out, only if needed on high-demand scenarios.


The App Service Plan is included in the Automation Service at no extra cost.