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Cases search


Bizagi features OData services, which handle a comprehensive set of resources, to help you work with cases.

The following section describes how to query the basic metadata of a case using its case identifier.



This resource is available for all users.


Resource URL

Use the following URL:




[case_number]: Corresponds to case identifier, which can be a customized string (i.e, not necessarily an integer).

[your_bizagi_project_url]: The URL where end users access your Bizagi Work Portal.

For an on-premise Bizagi project, the URL would be:


For Automation Service projects, the URL would be:




The following image illustrates how you can send an HTTP GET for a resource:





Returned results include (inside the value element): The unique URL to access the specific case.

Id: The case's internal ID (an integer).

caseNumber: The case identifier that you specified for the search.

solutionDate: The date in which the case was closed.

creationDate: The date when the case was started.

processName: The name of the process.

closed: true if the case has finished; false if it is still in progress.



Every set of results the OData services returns a set of standard properties which are preceded by the @ sign. Such properties are described in Properties and querying options.