Workgroup plan

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Workgroup plan




The Workgroup plan lets staff of small and medium companies collaborate in the definition of their corporate processes.

Bizagi offers a free 30-day trial so you can test Workgroup features. By the end of the trial, you can choose to purchase a plan or let the trial expire (no billing information is collected) - and return to Personal plan.

During the 30-day free trial, you can invite up to 50 users.


The Workgroup plan offers you the following features:



View, review, share and collaborate on process models any time, any place, any device. Enjoy interacting with your team members from the devices they love: whether tablet, mobile, their PC or Mac desktop.


Greater Productivity

A great tool set helps you and your team to truly work together, whenever and wherever you happen to be. Make comments on any part of the process diagram, navigate through the process flow and make contributions. All you need is a browser.


One 360 View

Get full visibility of each process model and its editorial status. See who checked it out, get notified each time a change is made, and get alerts when the diagram is all yours to work on again. With Modeler Services, there’s no duplication of time or effort.



oValue Chain Diagram: Model and visualize the entire process landscape of your business through the Value Chain Diagram.

oRevision history: Version your processes to create snapshots and achieve better control and governance while you collaborate with your colleagues.



The Workgroup plan gives you the following features:


Monthly or yearly plan invoice paid in advance

1 GB Storage per user

Real time collaboration features

50 active users

Real Time Notifications as Activity Stream

Offline cloud collaboration

Basic and advanced publishing

Standard Support Services


Reference a process on any model to a reusable sub-process

Value Chain Diagrams

Advanced Search

Revision history


Purchase Workgroup plan

You can add and purchase plans from the Process Portal. For more information about pricing and Billing info, follow this link.



If your plan expires before you renew it, all models automatically become unshared. Once a new plan is paid, each model must be shared again manually.