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User Management

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User Management




User Management allows subscription Owners to manage users and groups to control user access and achieve process governance.

User Management option is only available for the subscription owners.


Users Management view allows including users to the subscription, updating users and managing Groups. Owners need to include all coworkers that should have access to the subscription.

Groups can be understood as Departments or general roles within in the company, that will enable Bizagi to know which processes to show in My process view.







In the Users tab, all the users of the subscription are listed. Owners can include and edit one or more users anytime by clicking the Upload .csv button.

Bizagi assumes that each user has an individual email address. Thus, that will be the key for Bizagi to know if a user is to be added or updated.

A Single .csv file can include users to add and to update: Bizagi reads the file one user at a time. If Bizagi does not find an email already included in the subscription, it will create a new user. When Bizagi finds an email already included it will replace all the information.


Owners do not have to upload all users every time: If a .csv file contains just three users, those will be added or updated, and all other users of the subscription will be left untouched.



Users can be deactivated but not removed from a subscription, by using the Is Active property (1 = active, 0 = inactive) in the .csv file.

Users with an Email Address already included in the subscription will be updated with the information in the file.


Creating and updating users using a .csv file

1. Click Upload .csv to add or update Users.




2. If this is your first time uploading users, download the template in order to add the set of users. Follow the template and do not include additional columns.

You can include up to 5,000 users per upload.




3. When the template is ready save it as type CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

Click Next.




4. Upload the .csv file containing the set of users to create or update by clicking Upload .csv button.




5. Once the file is loaded, a window will display if the load was successful or not, and a summary of the upload process. In this summary you will be prompted about how many users were processed and how many of them have errors.




If there were errors in the upload process, click Download Log to review the unsuccessful users.  




Review the downloaded log and perform the corresponding fixes. Finally, restart the upload process.


6. When the upload is finished successfully, click Close.



Groups allow grouping several Job Titles into a single definition, to ease the involved definition when defining users involved in a process in the Modeler application.

All the groups created for the given subscription are listed.

Job titles in the subscription are interpreted as groups.




Create new group

Create a group in your subscription. Click Create new group and type its name.

You will not be able to define a Group's name using an existing Job title.




Click Save in order to add the group to your subscription


Groups options

Every group in the list has available the following options by clicking the three dot right menu:


Manage Group: allows you to add a set of Job Titles by typing the name in the Add group field. The field will suggest the name while you type it.

You can also delete a Job title by clicking the X button next to its name.




Delete: deletes the given group. Before deleting a group, delete any group inside by using the Manage Group option