Workgroup Trial

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Workgroup Trial


Bizagi offers a free 30-day trial so you can test the features of our Modeler Services before making your purchase. By default, the free trial gives you access to all features available in theWorkgroup plan. By the end of the trial, you can choose to purchase a plan or let the trial expire (no billing information is collected) - and go back to Personal plan.

During the 30-day free trial, you can invite up to 50 users.


With the trial you obtain:

1GB of storage per user.

Ability to share your process models with teammates.

Collaboration tools (comments, etc).

Add up to 50 users.


Activating your Trial

Activate the trial from the Process Portal. You can active it once. When your trial expires you need to purchase a Workgroup plan to continue enjoying the benefits of the Service.


1.To activate your trial,  select  Start free Workgroup Trial in the  Bizagi Web Application Plan Details window.




2. A pop-up window invites you to agree to our terms and conditions. To activate Workgroup plan features, click Start free trial! after you check the acceptance check box.




3. A notification informs you that the trial plan is now active and shows the date when the plan will expire.




When your trial is activated, Bizagi gives you a maximum of 25GB storage (i.e.1GB per user). You can add up to 50 users through the Bizagi Payment Portal.


The bar will indicate that the logged account is in Trial, and a button to Upgrade easily. It will also indicate the expiration date of your 25 days trial plan.




The information appears in the upper right corner of Bizagi Modeler when you click on your display name after logging in.




When your trial expires, all the Models in your Workspace will still be available to you from both the Process Portal and Bizagi Modeler. Nonetheless, Bizagi will leave your Models in read only model.


To add or remove user from the plan, refer to the Workgroup User Management article.



You can activate a trial only once. If your plan expires you will not be able to activate it again.