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Sign in to Cloud

You can access Bizagi Cloud from Bizagi Modeler desktop application (Bizagi Modeler) or from Bizagi Cloud website. To access Bizagi Cloud just sign in using your Bizagi credentials.


Signing in from Bizagi Modeler in your desktop

1.Open Bizagi Modeler. Enter your Bizagi credentials in the pop up window and click Login. Nevertheless, you can sign in through your Microsoft account or Google account as long as these had been previously registered.


2. sign_in_screen_no_autom


2. Your name will be shown where the Sign in link was located.


3. signed_in


Alternatively, select the Sign in link in the upper right corner of the screen:


1. sign_in



Signing In from the cloud

1.Open the Bizagi Cloud Website


1. address_bar_cloud_no_others


2. Sign in with your Bizagi credentials.