Signing in to Cloud

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Signing in to Cloud


With Modeler Collaboration Services, you may subscribe to a Personal, Workgroup or Enterprise plan.

Regardless of your plan, you will need to sign in to Cloud by using your registered e-mail in order to get started.

This is applicable both for the Bizagi Cloud website and for the Bizagi Modeler (desktop application) given that from both of them you can access Bizagi Cloud by using your credentials.


The signing in procedure may however, slightly vary if you are using a personal e-mail or a corporate e-mail.

Personal e-mails are those typically used in Personal or Workgroup plans; while corporate e-mails entail the use of a Enterprise plan.


The Modeler Collaboration Services support a Single Sign-On experience for the Enterprise plan.


Cloud authentication

The Modeler Collaboration Services rely on a robust Authentication module which enables users to sign in securely to the service while relying on interoperable possibilities which integrate diverse identity providers such as Google, MS Live, Azure AD, or even an on-premises Microsoft ADFS system.

Google and MS Live are available when signing in with a personal e-mail for Personal or Workgroup plans.

Azure AD or ADFS integration, are available when signing in with a corporate e-mail for Enterprise plans.


The following diagram represents the authentication possibilities and its high-level architecture:





Further information

To learn how to sign in with the above options, refer to:

Signing in with a personal e-mail, either with the e-mail you registered for your account, Google, or MS Live.

Signing in with a corporate e-mail, either integrating a corporate Azure AD subscription or integrating a corporate ADFS.