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Signing in to Bizagi




To get started using Bizagi Modeler, either while using the Process Portal or the desktop application, you need to sign up as described at Sign up to Bizagi.


The following section describes how to sign in using the email you registered for your Bizagi account, or with your Google or Microsoft account.


If you are in an Enterprise plan refer to sign in for Enterprise plans.


Signing in to Bizagi Modeler


1.A To sign in from the desktop application open Bizagi Modeler. A pop up window will appear to check your credentials.


2. sign_in_screen


1.B To sign in from the  Process Portal (using a browser) go to




2. In this step choose the appropriate option using the type of account you created:


Enter the email and password you registered for your Bizagi account and click Login.

Click Microsoft to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Click Google to sign in with your Google account.




Once redirected to, input your Microsoft email or phone number to authenticate as you normally do in Microsoft online services, and click Sign in.

Once redirected to, input your Google email or phone number to authenticate as you normally do in Google and click Next.

Sign in Microsoft

Sign in Google



1. Bizagi establishes a secure connection with Microsoft online services and Google by relying on the OpenID Connect protocol (version 1.0), and by employing an OAuth 2.0 compliant sequence flow that relies on the Authorization code spec.

2. You authenticate directly at Microsoft online services or Google, which means that your password is not transferred, handled, or stored by Bizagi at any moment.

3. Once signed in and while using the Bizagi Modeler, you will be able to rely on Single Sign-On capabilities.


At the Desktop application once you have signed in, your name appears on the top right corner.


3. signed_in



If you sign out, or close the pop up without signing in, you can select the Sign in link in the upper right corner of the screen:


1. sign_in


On the web application once you are signed in, your name appears in the upper right corner.


3.7 ModelSignedIn


At this point you are connected to Bizagi Modeler. If you want to update your profile information or change your password follow the link Profile Information.