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Saving Models

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Saving Models


Models created in Bizagi Modeler can be saved locally or in our Cloud service (paid for). Bizagi Modeler in the Cloud is a subscription-based cloud service that offers visibility and management of business processes. Storing your models in the Cloud give you Global access: Your models – and all associated documentation – is stored in a secure cloud based central repository, enabling access and editing rights using Bizagi Modeler with all its power. For more information refer to Bizagi Modeler Collaboration Services.


Saving a process3


Local Models

Bizagi Modeler has two main file types, differentiated by the file extension:


.bpm, the file format used to save a Bizagi Modeler file On-premise or in the Cloud.


.bpmc, the file format used to save diagrams for Team Collaboration Mode, when working On-Premise.


Team Collaboration allows collaborative process improvement and execution. Teams can participate simultaneously in the definition of a process, thereby enhancing business performance.
Click On-premise Team Collaboration for further information.


To save a model click Save or Save As on the File tab in the upper left corner or click the disk image on the Toolbar.


Saving a process1