Printing preferences

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Printing preferences


You can customize, save, and reuse your diagram printing settings. You can set: autofit, font footer, font header, footer, header, margins, orientation, page color, scale factor, paper size, and watermark. Keep in mind that all settings are saved per machine, in Windows’ user preferences.

To illustrate how to customize and save your printing preferences, use the Personal Loans Request process which you can find in our free Process Xchange.



Each time you customize a printing setting, a notification appears to provide the option to save your preferences


How to set your printing preferences

1.On the file tab of the toolbar, select the Options tab. Then select Options.




2. Select the General tab, then click the Customize button for Printing Preferences.




3. A Print Preview window appears where you can customize your printing settings. On its toolbar, find:





Page Setup


Shrink the size of your printout to better fit the printed page. Define the number of pages to fit to your printing configuration.


Customize or choose predefined margin settings. By default, Bizagi automatically sets a one-inch page margin.


Define the paper printing orientation: Portrait (taller than wide) or Landscape (wider than taller).


Choose or customize the size of your printing sheet.

Header / Footer

Set the content of your header and footer (left, center, right)  through a settings window. Customize its content with predefined settings such as:  Page Number, Number of pages, date printed, time printed, user name, custom image, and text font.


Mouse Pointer

Shows the mouse pointer

Hand tool

Manually scroll through pages


Zooms a page to make it entirely readable.

Many pages

Choose the number of pages to display on the preview window

Zoom Out

Zooms out the printing preview visualization.


Displays a drop-down list for you to choose or customize a  zoom for your print preview window.

Zoom in

Zooms in the printing preview window visualization.

Page Background

Page Color

Set the printing background color


Set the text or image you want to appear as the background on each page through the watermark window

Print Preferences

Default settings

Restores the factory defaults for printing

Model Settings

Sets the model settings.


Restores the last saved printing configuration.


4. Click save on the right of the yellow bar.